Sagas of the Shield Maiden is an oversized, viking western, perfect bound comics anthology that recounts the legends, or sagas, of the titular Shield Maiden as she traverses Scandinavia and beyond the North Sea.

Taking inspiration from not only Scandinavian history but also spaghetti westerns and samurai cinema. The anthology will be illustrated by Michelle Marham, Kay Baird, Sammy Ward, Kevin Keane and Daniel Coloma, letters & design by Ken Reynolds with a cover by Sweeney Boo


Sagas of the Shield Maiden is currently funding on kickstarter.

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1. Campfire Stories Cover-01.jpg

Campfire Stories is a 28 page horror comic anthology containing five tales of terror.

Having arrived early to Ruby Rivers Summer Camp, five camp counsellors decide to tell the scariest stories and local legends they know. The anthology is illustrated by Raquel Kusiak, Kevin Keane, Garry Mac, Sammy Ward, and Elena Gogou, lettered by Lucas Gattoni, written by Asa Wheatley and wrapped in a fantastically atmospheric and spooky cover by Natasha Alterici.

Each of the tales within the anthology represents a different part of the horror medium that I love, whether it's a creature feature or a slow burn psychological horror there's

a bit of everything in Campfire Stories.

"The concept is great and the execution largely follows suit. Wheatley is not afraid to go for the jugular when it comes to both gore and weirdness. I was surprised in a positive way, and that's pretty hard to do in comics these days." -- Christa Harader, Comic Book Yeti

"I would recommend this comic, even if you don’t like horror or spooky stories, because it’s just that good of a story" -- Dara Berkey, A Place to Hang your Cape

 Sprouting and Other Tales of the Curious is a full colour 40 page perfect bound comics and prose anthology written by Asa Wheatley. The four stories within are illustrated by Sammy Ward, Michelle Marham, Kat Willott and Emma Graveling with a fantastic cover illustrated by Emily Pearson.

The anthology is inspired by the works of Jeff Vandermeer, Scott Snyder,

Ray Bradbury and Joe Hill.

"Bittersweet... sinisterly nostalgic... and the whole package is wrapped up in a beautiful cover by Emily Pearson" -- Carl Doherty, Shelf Abuse

"Sprouting and Other Tales of the Curious is a great anthology and very enjoyable to read." -- Dara Berkey, A Place to Hang your Cape

"Manages the foreshadowing & punchlines well ... Art that is very much in sync with the writing, adding layers to the words & working together to deliver additional depth to the plot" -- Iestyn Pettigrew, Zine Love

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1. Front Cover.jpg

Tails of Mystery is a noir mini series of an old school private detective that, through a combined effort of bad luck and bad choices, gets stuck in the body of a black cat. But it seems there might be more at work and lurking in the shadows, a nefarious presence awaits.

Tails of Mystery is written & lettered by Asa Wheatley and drawn & coloured by Kat Willott.

"Tails of Mystery has a strong noir theme with a good dollop of magic and charm, this is a project born out of love and it shows. " -- Heather, The Valkyries 

"This is an exciting start to a new twist on an old genre. I’m excited to see [Wheatley & Willott] grow and develop as creators, and interested to see where Tails of Mystery goes from here."

-- A Place To Hang Your Cape

"Conjures fond memories of Dirk Gently, which is never a bad comparison! An enjoyable read indeed" -- Andy CT (Writer, Horde Comics)

"Asa Wheatley and Kat Willott have crafted a solid first issue that does a great job of setting up this unique premise" -- Pipedream Comics